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Sunday, 29 November 2015

29 November 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… A Village Liberated from the “Moderate Opposition” Near Aleppo

00 syrian soldiers near aleppo 291115

Syrian government soldiers after liberating a village from the “moderate” terrorists favoured by the USA… like all good combat troops, they look like hell… but fight like hell, too…


There’s no such thing as a “moderate opposition” in Syria… they’re all terrorists and they all murder Christians. Ergo, the US Congress appropriation to aid the terrorists in Syria exposes them as lying pigs with cretinish supporters. If you support the Republican agenda, you support evil. You either do so in ignorance, or you do so knowing full-well the real story (Rod Dreher, anyone?). It’s interesting to see the rants in the National Review about Islamist terrorists… when they support pols who routinely vote subsidies for Islamist terrorists! I looked at the latest NR and it disgusted me to no end that it vilified Bernie and that it had no mention of the Russian air campaign against the terrorists… that is, drone attacks against innocent civilians are A-OK with “conservative” Republicans, but organised military airstrikes against terrorists are beyond the pale. I need to find a corner to get sick in…



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