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Sunday, 29 November 2015

29 November 2015. Cabinet Vox Pop on Priests and the Internet



One the Cabinet sounded off on priests and the internet:

I totally agree with you. Priests must follow a higher standard, and the stuff you see from some of them on public blogs, Facebook posts, and a variety of internet places is appalling. They seem to forget they represent an important authoritative voice of the Church, which is way more important than their personal quirky ideas, feelings, and dumb-ass opinions. It’s not like they’re in some inconsequential secular job; they’re in the business of salvation, theirs and ours. What can be more important than that? However, their opinions seem more like a Charlie Brown cartoon.

I’d go further… I’d say that some of the rubbish that you see from “conservative” priests is downright demonic and false. It’s time for the bishops to step in and do some ass-kickin’… just sayin’…


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