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Sunday, 29 November 2015

29 November 2015. Happy Holidays to All of Y’all… Now, Come Back, Y’Hear (Don’t be a Stranger)!

00 Petra Brown cat and dog 291115


Whatever holiday you celebrate… whatever your race or creed… HAPPY HOLIDAYS! There’s nothing wrong in that at all. NOTHING. There’s no war against Christmas… there’s no persecution of Christians… but there IS an imperative on our part to spread the love given by Our Lord Christ and the joy that such implants in our hearts. Last time that I looked, the Lord Christ discriminated against no one, so neither should we. To all of you, whatever you celebrate at this time of year (for all, both believers and secularists, celebrate SOMETHING, if nothing else than the Mid-Winter Festival):


Now, where’s that jug… it’s time for a party…


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