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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Artificial Kidney Unit Opens at Lugansk all-Republic Clinical Hospital

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Today, the Lugansk all-Republic Clinical Hospital (LRKB) opened a new ICU unit with an artificial kidney to treat acute renal failure. Chief LRKB doctor Oleg Volman told us:

We needed to open an artificial kidney unit, but since we lacked the money to do so, we asked [Chairman Plotnitsky], who then gave us 700,000 roubles (67,100 Renminbi. 701,500 INR. 10,500 USD. 14,030 CAD. 14,600 AUD. 9,910 Euros. 6,980 UK Pounds) to do it. In mid-October, Minister of Health Larisa Airapetyan and I told [Plotnitsky] about the problems associated with the formation of a new division in the ICU using an artificial kidney when [Plotnitsky] was here to inaugurate our new minimally invasive surgery unit. After hearing expert opinions, Plotnitsky assured us that he’d see to it that he’d finance creating such a unit. As you can see, both parties kept up their part of the deal. Today, the unit is functioning, we’ve installed the new equipment, so, you can see that it’s a great achievement.

Airapetyan said:

The opening of this unit is very important for the LNR. If in the former Ukrainian times, we still had problems although we had steady funding, now, in the midst of a war, this is a huge step forward.

The new ICU division will essentially serve as a resuscitation unit. Its function is to arrest acute renal failure caused by other serious diseases and conditions. Previously, the LRKB had to transfer these patients to another department for scheduled haemodialysis. Now, a new specialised ICU unit will provide an opportunity to provide assistance quickly in one place, so, there’d be no need to transport patients with acute renal failure, often unconscious, from one department to another. It can also provide effective assistance to a wider range of patients in need of this treatment, for example, pathological pregnancies, acute intoxication, mushroom poisoning, etc.

Volman informed us:

With Russian help, our hospital was able to triple the number of existing haemodialysis machines. Initially, this department only had five usable units, but over the last six months, because the Russians sent us spares for our machines, we’ve been able to repair 15 out of 17 knackered units.

25 November 2015

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