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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

1 December 2015. I CHOOSE Assad!

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Dr Bashar al-Assad is an eye surgeon educated in the UK; during his time in power, he’s protected religious liberty for all. He’s tried to keep Syria secular. Why do the Western élites lie about him and hate him so? Why, it’s because he fights (and is stopping) the radical Islamists in Syria. He fights ISIS and al-Qaeda, protecting Christians, Muslims, and other religious sects, whilst the jihadists seek to wipe out everyone who isn’t a Sunni Muslim. Turkish officials hate him because he’s halting the so-called “Islamic Revolution” in Syria!

30 November 2015

Hands Off Syria!



I’d only add this… those who want to remove Assad don’t give a good goddamn about the Christians of the ancient Syrian communities (Eastern and Oriental Orthodox and Catholic… there’s more than one) resident there. The worst are US Republicans… who loudly tell the world what good “Christians” they are! I’d call them liars… of the lowest and most noisome sort. That be a lesson for Orthodox rightwingers… but do note how they’ll ignore it! That tells you volumes about them (both the Repugs and the Orthodox rightwingers)…



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