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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Head of Lugansk GMA Checked Progress of Repairs to Flats Damaged by Junta Terror Bombardments

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Manolis Pilavov, Head of the Lugansk GMA*, visited the ten-storey Apartment House №16 in Zarechny quarter to check on the progress of repairs to it made necessary by junta terror shelling in the summer of 2014. That shelling virtually destroyed the slate roof of the building and knocked out almost all the windows in several neighbouring houses. Pilavov noted:

In general, we restored utilities to the building… they have heat and all other services, but repairs are still going on. However, with the onset of winter, we’ll have to postpone part of the work until warmer weather returns in 2016. Besides that, the fact that looters stole the motor of the lift when the residents had to flee the building complicates repairs. Nevertheless, all the same, we have to finish the repairs, and we’ll work with the Ministry of Housing and the Republic leadership to do so.

Danil Rakitny, a representative of Promeks, a local contractor, told us:

By the New Year, we’ll have completed 90 percent of the repairs to the building. We’ll have all the heating conduits in place and we’ll do the rest of the work directly in the flats involved.

Junta terror shelling during the summer of 2014 damaged about 400 multi-storey houses in Lugansk, 147 of them seriously. In 2015, a repair programme got underway; at present, 93 houses are under repair, 172 more are due for repair in 2016. All these buildings had damage to load-bearing structures, so contractors can only due reconstruction work based on careful professionally designed plans.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

1 December 2015

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