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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Kiev Uses Images from Volga Famine of the 1920s to Lie About the So-Called “Golodomor”

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Miroslav Rudenko, DNR Peoples Soviet Deputy (Head of the Committee on Education, Science, and Culture; Free Donbass faction), told us:

The Kiev authorities carry out direct and open falsification of the so-called Golodomor in the Ukraine by using photos of the famine in the Volga region of the 1920s. In particular, the SBU used pictures of starving people in the Volga region at an exhibition dedicated to the so-called Golodomor of the 1930s. Although historians “exposed” Ukrainian lies [on the Golodomor] more than once, Kiev refuses to respond. This distortion of the truth is for political purposes. They do it to accuse Russia of “genocide” against the Ukrainian people. Kiev needs to magnify this “tragedy”, so they add zeros to the data on the victims of the famine in the Ukraine.

The famine of 1932-33, which Ukrainian nationalists call the so-called “Golodomor”, occurred in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, the Southern Urals, Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, as well as in the Ukraine. Ukrainian apologists claim that the Soviet government directly ordered these deaths. Rudenko said that the charge of genocide against Russia has become a hackneyed item [amongst Ukrainian nationalists], but he believes that it’s clear that the Soviet government purposefully killed no one.

27 November 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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