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Friday, 4 December 2015

4 December 2015. Power to the MAKERS… NOTHING to the Takers

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I remember Wet Willy Romney’s comments about “takers” and “makers”. Do you? Well… the CREATORS of wealth have their fair share of the fruits of their labour stolen by the Crapitalist Investor Class. The workers are the MAKERS… the dronish investors and “owners” are the TAKERS. However, the most putrid people aren’t the One Percent themselves… the worst are nihilistic pundits such as Rod Dreher and Sean Hannity. They’re mercenaries with no fixed beliefs whatsoever… except for “I’ve got mine… the hell with you”. Bear that in mind as Sir Roddy bids you to feel sorry for him due to his sister’s tragic death (I find his misuse of her suffering noxious and horrid in the extreme).



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