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Sunday, 6 December 2015

6 December 2015. New Year Nostalgia… “Just Like When I Was a Kid!”

00 New Year Yolka USSR Russia 061215


Most people have GOOD memories of the Sov days. Anglo Americans get misled as they only talk to a small minority that speaks English and supports neoliberalism. They don’t know or care about the actual reality… but reality does have a way of making itself known… the Anglos, I fear, will find that out the HARD way…



6 December 2015. Hanukkah Begins Tonight

00 Have a Blessed Hanukkah. 2012. 08.12.12


Hanukkah began tonight at sundown… it’ll run until sundown on 14 December. Do recall WHY Jews celebrate it… Judas Maccabaeus whipped the plug-uglies and purified the Temple (short version). It’s a Festival of Freedom… ask your Jewish friends… they’ll tell you the same thing that I just did. Don’t forget to wish all the Jewish people that you know, “Happy Hanukkah! And a Happy Holiday to you!”

This is why “Happy Holidays” is germane to all of us… oh, do save me some latkes, if you will…


6 December 2015. Ukrainian Oligarch Built 13-Metre-High Fence in Kiev Oblast

00 oligarch fence in the ukraine 061215


People don’t build such things without compelling cause or reason… what does the builder know that we don’t? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


6 December 2015. 19 Days to Catholic Christmas… 25 Days to the New Year… 38 Days to Orthodox Christmas… 50 Days to Epiphany

00 snow sculpture russia 061215______________________________

The countdown continues…


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