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Sunday, 6 December 2015

6 December 2015. The Bitter Fruits of 24 Years of Galician Uniate Misrule in the Crimea… Abandoned Crimean NPP

00 Crimean NPP 061215


This abandoned NPP in the Crimea is a perfect metaphor for the quarter-century of Galician Uniate misrule in the Crimea. The “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” claimed that once the “hated Moskal occupiers” were gone, the Ukraine would flower and blossom as it had never done so before. The above image proves that to have been an empty boast and vacuous lie. The Uniate/schismo nationalists raped the country, in cahoots with soulless oligarchs and Westerners bent on deindustrialising and weakening Russia. Look at the image… the Ukrop nationalists created NOTHING… but they sure can strum banduras and put on a show in the USA and Canada…

Do bear in mind that most parishioners of “Ukrainian Catholic” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” parishes are innocent of any wrongdoing. Most are only dupes, brainwashed by a hierarchy complicit with the CIA and clergy who must follow the dictates of said hierarchs. Interestingly, Galicians are only a tiny minority in Rus, but they’re a majority here in the diaspora… that’s because their homeland was the poorest region of the Ukraine (and in the USSR, Poland, and the Habsburg Empire before)… people decamped for happier climes. They especially settled in the USA and Canada… they’re a political faction to be reckoned with in the Canadian Prairie Provinces. If you wondered why Canada supports the Uniate/schismo putschist junta, you need wonder no more. The USA has found them a useful tool to attack Russia/the USSR… unlike Canada, their support could waver, as “Ukrainians” aren’t a political force anywhere in America.

This proves the empty vacuity of “Ukrainian nationalism”… however, keep it focused and don’t hurt the innocent. Just because someone’s Galician doesn’t mean that they support the fascist usurpers in Kiev. Remember… the locals helped the MVD hunt down the UPA murderers (the UPA had a habit of killing its opponents… most of whom were Galicians!)… over 60 percent of the Galician voters voted AGAINST Svoboda… draft evasion rates in Galicia are HIGHER than those in the rest of the Ukraine.

Say a prayer for the suffering people of Galicia… they haven’t deserved the raw deal that they’ve received… FROM THEIR OWN! God willing… their land will be free of the nationalist scum, in God’s good time…


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