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Monday, 7 December 2015

7 December 2015. Reverence and Familiarity… Why We Disconcert the Heterodox and Their Obsessive “Orderliness”

00 Putin. Christmas 2014. Church of the Icon of Christ 'Not Made by Hands'. Sochi RF. 14.01.14


The temple is also the House of the People of God. In a typical Russian church, the kids play in the back… people meet n’ greet on the porch… people light candles and venerate icons as the service goes on. The Liturgy is for Man’s service… Man isn’t a servant of the Liturgy. Never forget, the Orthodox Church is the People’s Church! Reverence and familiarity mix in a way disconcerting to the Western mind. The Church is both human and divine, in ways that the heterodox don’t even begin to fathom.



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