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Thursday, 10 December 2015

10 December 2015. Buddhist Festival in Piter

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Monks celebrate the Buddhist holiday Zula Khural (“Festival of Thousand Candles”) at the Datsan Gunzechoinei in St Petersburg.

9 December 2015

Russia Beyond the Headlines



10 December 2015. Bashar al-Assad on ISIS’s Supporters…

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To put it bluntly, President Assad is saying, “If the USA were to stop aiding terrorists, we’d defeat them in short order”. The US political faction most in favour of aiding terrorism is the Republican Party. Ergo, all Republicans and all “conservatives” are the enemies of common decency and humanity. What does that tell you of the drooling idiots in Orthodoxy trying to ally us with such evil? It does tell you much about Paffhausen, Potapov, Dreher, et al… none of it good. After all, their support for the Republican Party translates into hostility towards our Arab Christian co-religionists… do we really want that? Pro-Life is a piffle in comparison to the existential danger facing the Body of Christ in the Middle East (and elsewhere). If you support Republicans and “conservatism”, you trample on Christ’s Icon, the Church… do ponder that…


LNR MGB Opened 17 Corruption Cases in the Past Year… Greasy Pols Scampered Off With 50 Mil Roubles

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The LNR MGB opened 17 criminal cases against government officials accused of causing 50 million Roubles (4.65 million Renminbi. 48.26 million INR. 723,000 USD. 980,000 CAD. 991,000 AUD. 656,000 Euros. 476,000 UK Pounds) of damage to all-Republic bodies. An MGB source spoke to us on the eve of International Anti-Corruption Day (9 December):

To mark International Anti-Corruption Day, we brought the first cases resulting from our investigations; we intend to combat this global problem, it not only undermines our national economy, it also erodes our citizens’ trust in the authorities. We uncovered abuse in food supply contracting for schools, so we opened criminal proceedings against Ministry of Education officials. We discovered forgery; officials of the Ministry of Transport used forged documents to rule in favour of third parties. We found that Ministry of Housing officials used false information in acts of acceptance. We looked at abuse of power and misuse of official position by Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Energy officials. We initiated criminal proceedings relating to extortion and receiving bribes at the LNR Genprokuratura. Also, we implemented intelligence operations on economic affairs in the LNR, which also resulted in a number of criminal cases. All of this caused about 50 million Roubles worth of damage to the state.

In the past year, the MGB was able not only to uncover corruption schemes in the LNR, but also erected barriers to those trying to launder illegally acquired means, which is contrary to the interests of our new state and society. We recorded evasion of taxes and duties to the budget of the Republic, embezzlement of entrusted property, and losses caused by malpractice of legal entities. for the time being, all criminal cases are still in pre-trial investigation. only joint efforts by the state and society can effectively fight corruption; the LNR is successfully implementing these principles in relevant programmes. Unlike the situation in the Ukraine, where oligarchs who were neck-deep in corruption try to create appearances of fighting corruption, the new LNR authorities want a real, not a sham, fight against corruption, not only in the higher echelons of power, but also in the social sphere of the state.

The LNR government started a large-scale anti-corruption campaign at all levels. In particular, on 24 October, LNR Head of Government I V Plotnitsky  stated that a Special Investigatory Commission of the LNR Peoples Soviet  would have expanded powers and more resources to investigate facts of abuse. Now, the LNR executive authorities, law enforcement agencies, and Peoples Soviet Deputies will fight this most-complicated problem of the modern world, which hinders the development of our new state. Мир Луганщине (Mir Luganshchine: Luganshchina* World), the state authorities, and the trade unions all voiced their determination to take part actively in the fight against corruption and money laundering. LNR  residents can blow the whistle on corruption through telephone hotlines of the Genprokuratura, the State Committee of Taxes and Duties (GKNS), Мир Луганщине (Mir Luganshchine: Luganshchina* World), as well as directly to the Special Investigatory Commission of the LNR Peoples Soviet.

8 December 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


  • Luganshchina: “Area ruled by or influenced by Lugansk”. In Russian, the suffix “shchina” indicates “ruled by” or “rule of”, therefore, “Lvovshchina” is the “area ruled (or “influenced”) by Lvov” and “Yezhovshchina” means “era ruled (or “influenced”) by Yezhov”.

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