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Saturday, 12 December 2015

12 December 2015. We Owe Our Lives to the Victory!

00 Victory 01. 03.06.15



The USA has forgotten what war with a peer opponent means. The last time that the USA faced peers was in Korea… 62 years ago. The Chinese Peoples Volunteers and the Soviet VVS more than held their own… they stopped the proud hubristical Yanks in their tracks. The best that the USA got was a return to the status quo ante. Stupidly, the US Republican Party threatens the very people who stopped their grasping aggression the last time around. This time, Russia and China can strike and destroy the American heartland. In the 1950s, despite Republican lies to the contrary, the USSR lacked the means to strike at the continental USA… its Tu-4 bombers lacked the range necessary for the task (the USSR could only strike the USA proper after introducing the Tu-95 in the late 1950s). Note well that the Republicans also lied about American patriots prominent in the New Deal and in the World War II war effort… so one can gauge the value of their words and promises.

Therefore, all Americans must reject the lies of the Republicans/”conservatives” in their entirety… there is no truth whatsoever in them. The USA is NOT a “hyperpower”… it only has two manoeuvre brigades in Europe… one light infantry airborne brigade and one light mechanised brigade (armed with light armoured vehicles suitable for low-intensity actions against guerrillas, not full-scale fighting against heavy mechanised forces). Even if the USA were to dump equipment and matériel for 6 more brigades… it’d still have to airlift said units and marry them with their equipment (after getting them out of long-term storage)… a task that’d take three days under the best (and unattainable in war) conditions. Besides, said dumps would become priority targets of Russian missile strikes… so, one can see that this is nothing but a PR stunt of the most disgusting variety.

The Republican Party has become the enemy of everything decent and humane… its only standard is the Almighty Dollar. No decent person can support or vote for such godless amoral filth. What does that tell you about the Orthodox who tell us that we should ally Christ’s Church with Republicans, “conservatives”, and Antichristian “Evangelicals?” It speaks volumes… evil has entered into our midst and it bears “Pro-Life” on its banners. Never forget, Satan always tempts weak people with actual good things to get them to commit evil. Republicans are anti-abortion… but they proudly stump for war, mass imprisonment, the death penalty, slashing aid to the elderly and poor, along with other, more evil, stances.

Look at this video… Russians are telling us… “We didn’t back down the last time. We won. We won’t back down now. Draw the necessary conclusions”. Oppose the Republican trash… they want to rush to war with the only countries in the world capable of striking this country. That tells you much about them and about those who support them. God willing, the American people will wake up. If not, the world is in for a LONG and DARK night of evil… those committing that evil will quote Scripture as they do so… do ponder that…



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