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Monday, 14 December 2015

14 December 2015. A Colloquy with a TRUE Friend

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00 St Barbara. Russian. 18th century.


I’m in italics

St Barbara is the patroness of explosions, gunpowder and lightning!

Is this a sly comment on my fiery, explosive, and stormy writing? If so, pass the jug and join the club!

Could be!!!

The nicest thing about growing older is no longer giving a shit about what people think of you. The worst part is achy knees and sore feet… but you know all about that…

Age is freedom with aches and pains!

Yes… we both now know WHY “old farts” carried antacids and always stayed within shouting distance of a loo. However, we’ve both also learnt the truth of “Age and sly trickery beat Youth and naïve enthusiasm every time”.



14 December 2015. For a FB Friend’s Birthday

00 the devil says oh shit 131215


For the record, I’m known to somewhat of a zombie before my cup o’ joe…


14 December 2015. The REAL Countdown in All-So-Many Homes…

00 star wars 131215


I’m thinking of a FB friend in particular. He’s countin’ down the days to the new Star Wars


14 December 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Bringin’ ‘Em Up Right in Novorossiya

00 russian kids 131215


This is why the Orthodox patriots of Novorossiya will defeat the Uniate nationalist blowhards. They honour the real history of the country, unlike the Uniates, who issue a notional made-up fairy-tale fantasy that not only didn’t exist… it steals most of its narrative from Orthodox Holy Rus. After all, the Uniates are imposters… they claim to be “Orthodox”, but they’re really the most ultramontane and extreme papists. Their “Orthodoxy” is a false outer shell meant to deceive the gullible. Honour our real history, as the godly socialists of Novorossiya do. Don’t be like the Uniate nationalists, who worship at the altar of Me First Crapitalism and who act as America’s hangsmen in Novorossiya. There IS a difference between socialism and Anglosphere “conservatism”… you tell the world what kind of person you are by your choice of ideology. Do choose wisely…


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