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Monday, 14 December 2015

14 December 2015. A Colloquy with a TRUE Friend

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00 St Barbara. Russian. 18th century.


I’m in italics

St Barbara is the patroness of explosions, gunpowder and lightning!

Is this a sly comment on my fiery, explosive, and stormy writing? If so, pass the jug and join the club!

Could be!!!

The nicest thing about growing older is no longer giving a shit about what people think of you. The worst part is achy knees and sore feet… but you know all about that…

Age is freedom with aches and pains!

Yes… we both now know WHY “old farts” carried antacids and always stayed within shouting distance of a loo. However, we’ve both also learnt the truth of “Age and sly trickery beat Youth and naïve enthusiasm every time”.



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