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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

15 December 2015. Some of My Favourite Things… The Kuban Cossack Chorus

00 cossack banner. 19.09.14




You’ll often see “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” prance about in Cossack outfits. This is a disgusting and false imposture. These groups are Galicians, who have NOTHING in common with the Cossacks of the Don and the Kuban. Galicians are backwoods hillbillies, who lived under Polish overlordship, with no ties whatsoever to the eastern steppelands. Galicians speak an odd-bod semi-Polish creole, which they arrogantly call “Ukrainian”. They have nothing in common with the peoples of Novorossiya and the Ukraine proper (that is, the lands that were never under the bootheel of the Habsburgs). In any case, no Cossack EVER kissed the Pope of Rome’s ass… so, for Uniates to dress in Cossack finery isn’t only a lie, it’s a lie that all parties know to be false and without any grounding in reality at all.

Have a care… there be rapscallions out there… they have NO regard for the truth…



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