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Sunday, 20 December 2015

20 December 2015. Why I’m Voting for Bernie and Not for the Lying Bitch of Wall Street Chilly Hilly

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Bernie Sanders has a serious chance of being our next POTUS. Why? Look at the dirty trick the Clintonistas pulled on him! It means that they’re running scared and that Chilly Hilly is in the deep doo-doo far earlier than in the 2008 campaign. She’s grasping at every straw that she can… but no one trusts her… not even her “supporters!”

Orthodox people… Chilly Hilly backed the Easter bombing of Belgrade… she supported the American aggression against Iraq that led to decimating the ancient Christian community in Iraq… her protegé Victoria Nuland was the mastermind behind the American-led putsch that led to the present terrorist invasion of Novorossiya. No Orthodox Christian can vote for such a soulless Mammonite… she’s a vicious money-grubbing power-hungry Repug under the skin. That’s why no real Democrat or leftist wants any part of her lying scheming machinations.

Hilly will find out that she badly miscalculated by her little prank. Indeed… it may very well have been the decisive turning-point of this campaign… stay tuned… it bids fair to be INTERESTING…



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