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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

22 December 2015. Christmas DOES Have Pagan Links…

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Christmas DOES have pagan links… 17-23 December was the ancient festival of Saturnalia. Ergo… Christmas happened under the cover of the toing and froing of that holiday (people travelling, visiting family, buying gifts and special foods, etc). It had a distinct date, but well within the ambit of the holiday. in short, the early Christians used the hubbub around the Saturnalia to keep their holiday under wraps. There are aspects of the Saturnalia in our Christian holiday celebrations such as public banquets, private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere, so, in my view, the attempts of some commentators to “debunk” pagan links to Christmas backfire. Besides which, Christmas is a season where the better-off often “serve” the poorer amongst us… in the Saturnalia, masters would often “serve” their slaves. In short, there are more links than some are comfortable with. As for me, I believe that the “baptism” of these pagan customs wasn’t only innocent, it was beneficial and positively good. Our pagan ancestors weren’t evil… they were merely unchristian. Their good customs, intentions, folkways, and mores DESERVED “baptism” and I’m glad that the Church was wise enough to do that.

 Pagan links to Christmas? YES! It would’ve been strange otherwise, no?



22 December 2015. The Crapola Vomited Forth by the Orthodox Rightwing… Such People Fancy Themselves “Purer” Than the Rest of Us Are

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One of the loudest of the rightwing numbskulls amongst us wrote the following on FB (he shall remain nameless… I’m not going to give him the jollies of seeing him criticised by name):

In our PC age, everybody wants to be a victim. The good Muslims are too quiet. There’s even a Muslim moron who is wearing the yellow star of David, with the word Muslim! Imagine if a Christian appropriated a Muslim symbol! They shouldn’t be railing against Islamophobia as if they’re being victimized! They should loudly contradict the radicals. There are plenty of Muslin radicals, far outnumbering any religious or ethnic group, who kill, torture, and rape. There’s at least some reason for people to fear radical Muslims, and wonder why the good guys among them are so silent. But this isn’t the easy way. The easy way is to take on the mantle of victimhood, because the left is stupid enough to swallow this rhetoric whole.

I’ll destroy this with one sentence:

The terrorist suspect who shot up Planned Parenthood was a Christian.

I’ll add to that:

The Hezbollah fighters, the Iranian soldiers, and President Assad are all Muslims… they PROTECT the Christians of Syria!

Go to hell, go directly to hell, do not pass “Go”… but do watch Dreher and the Monomuckos brats applaud this. I need to find a corner to be sick in… the asshat quoted above is a “priest”. We’ve ordained far too many ex-Prods without proper formation… the above proves it. As always, the foulest flowers of evil flourish in the shelter of the altar…


22 December 2015. Animal Funnies… He’s My Brutha From Another Mutha!

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This is a good meme dogged by bad execution (bad pun intentional). A little use of the ol’ PhotoShop just put it all right…


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