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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23 December 2015. A Colloquy on Tsars and Pompous Pseudo-Intellectuals

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A friend and I had this exchange (I’m in plain type):

Why do the eggheads hate Tsar Aleksandr? He was faithful to his wife, loved his children, told the truth bluntly and without guile, pardoned all death sentences, and the land was at peace and prospered. What’s wrong with that?

The eggheads hate all tsars because they think that only they can do anything for humanity, and that any who aren’t eggheads are useless…

I need add nothing to that, save to say to beware all pompous airy-fairy pseudo-intellectuals, especially, those who call themselves “liberals” or “progressives”… they have a fancy to test out their ideas… with us as the guinea-pigs. I think that I’d rather pass that “opportunity” up. I’m not alone in thinking that way.



People Defend UPTs/MP Church in the Western Ukraine for Four Days, Cops Back Nationalist Mob Attackers

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For the fourth day in a row, UPTs/MP parishioners continue to defend Assumption parish in Ptichye near Rovno in the Western Ukraine against attacks by uncanonical UPTs/KP schismatics. UPTs/MP sources told us that the police support the schismatics besieging the church, leaving the people inside without electricity, heat, water, and food. According to the latest intel from the UPTs/MP Diocese of Rovno, one parishioner had to enter hospital on 21 December in critical condition, noting, “When the doctors carried Irina out of the church, the schismatics applauded and shouted profanities”. Parish rector Archpriest Viktor Zemlyanoi said, “The woman has cancer; she fainted. She has two little children, but someone broke the windows in her house during the night”. Yesterday, Fr Viktor witnessed the attack of Right Sector Neo-Nazi extremists on his parishioners, saying, “They beat villagers with bats and rebar; they threw Molotov Cocktails and used pepper gas”. Currently, five parishioners and two clergy remain inside the building; 280 police, along with a mob of schismatics, remain outside. UPTs/MP sources pointed up that Roman Koval, the Right Sector chieftain in Rovno Oblast, threatened to seize many canonical Orthodox churches in the region.

21 December 2015

Essence of Time


23 December 2015… They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… “Moderate” Terrorists Murdered Joseph and Mary Kahla

00 syria martyrs 231215


There are no “moderate rebels”… they’re simply Islamist terrorists supported by Langley and the KSA (amongst others). Never forget… President Assad PROTECTS Christians… Hezbollah PROTECTS Christians… Iran PROTECTS Christians. The pro-American terrorists KILL Christians.


The Republican Party uses Islamist terrorists as its proxies and bully-boys in foreign parts. Don’t forget how Reagan supported bin Laden… so, NEVER mark your ballot for Republicans… they use Islamist terrorists to attack the Orthosphere. Opposing that is more important than the Pro-Life movement is. When your house is on fire, you don’t worry about bats in the back shed…

They all had faces… they all had names… they all had family and friends to weep for them. May my right hand wither if I forget that.

Вечная память


23 December 2015. Have a Care With Those Decrying the Current State of Society

01h Faces of a Religious Procession


One can go too far in either direction. I wear my cross inside my blouse next to my heart. I’m not ashamed… I’m rather aware that to be a “religious hobbyist” is as bad as being afraid of expressing one’s belief. Ponder this… there are secularists closer to God than some religionists are. This is true especially of loud “conservatives” with their jeremiads against “atheism”, yet they clamour for war, imprisonment, the death penalty, and fawning to the rich. In contrast, Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich, a Christian tsar, pardoned all death sentences save for offences against the state. He also opposed foreign adventurism and warmongering. The land was at peace during his rule (he saw war firsthand during the Russo-Turkish War in the late 1870s… he had his bellyful of “glory”), for which his grateful people called him “the Peacemaker”. Do be careful.


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