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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23 December 2015. Have a Care With Those Decrying the Current State of Society

01h Faces of a Religious Procession


One can go too far in either direction. I wear my cross inside my blouse next to my heart. I’m not ashamed… I’m rather aware that to be a “religious hobbyist” is as bad as being afraid of expressing one’s belief. Ponder this… there are secularists closer to God than some religionists are. This is true especially of loud “conservatives” with their jeremiads against “atheism”, yet they clamour for war, imprisonment, the death penalty, and fawning to the rich. In contrast, Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich, a Christian tsar, pardoned all death sentences save for offences against the state. He also opposed foreign adventurism and warmongering. The land was at peace during his rule (he saw war firsthand during the Russo-Turkish War in the late 1870s… he had his bellyful of “glory”), for which his grateful people called him “the Peacemaker”. Do be careful.



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