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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23 December 2015. Orthodox Christians! Aid Your Coreligionists in Novorossiya, Not the Uniate/Schismo Nationalist Trash!

00 dnr. donetsk pr. Snezhnoe. May Day. 02. 02.05.15

“Halt fascism!”


Here are two links for you:



Do NOT send money to the IOCC, or to OCA/ROCOR efforts, as the “aid” is going to help the theomachistic Uniate/schismo junta, NOT the godpleasing canonical Orthodox of the Peoples Republics. The two links above will educate you about what you should do… do be careful… we have pro-Western filth like Potapov and Paffhausen (the former was/is a CIA propagandist and the latter is a running dog of the American Enterprise Institute, a viciously anti-Rodina outfit) amongst us… sadly, they’re not alone… most of the Golden 400 have sold out to the American Establishment (just look at Serge Schmemann, Sofia Kishkovsky and Vassa Larina… I rest my case).



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