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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

People Defend UPTs/MP Church in the Western Ukraine for Four Days, Cops Back Nationalist Mob Attackers

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For the fourth day in a row, UPTs/MP parishioners continue to defend Assumption parish in Ptichye near Rovno in the Western Ukraine against attacks by uncanonical UPTs/KP schismatics. UPTs/MP sources told us that the police support the schismatics besieging the church, leaving the people inside without electricity, heat, water, and food. According to the latest intel from the UPTs/MP Diocese of Rovno, one parishioner had to enter hospital on 21 December in critical condition, noting, “When the doctors carried Irina out of the church, the schismatics applauded and shouted profanities”. Parish rector Archpriest Viktor Zemlyanoi said, “The woman has cancer; she fainted. She has two little children, but someone broke the windows in her house during the night”. Yesterday, Fr Viktor witnessed the attack of Right Sector Neo-Nazi extremists on his parishioners, saying, “They beat villagers with bats and rebar; they threw Molotov Cocktails and used pepper gas”. Currently, five parishioners and two clergy remain inside the building; 280 police, along with a mob of schismatics, remain outside. UPTs/MP sources pointed up that Roman Koval, the Right Sector chieftain in Rovno Oblast, threatened to seize many canonical Orthodox churches in the region.

21 December 2015

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