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Thursday, 24 December 2015

24 December 2015. Potapov Supports Anti-Holy Rus Polemic Posted on “Economist”… Posted It on FB With His Blessings

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Russophobia. 2015


Read this.

Victor Potapov publicly supported this lying and nonsensical bullshit by posting the link on FB and promoting it. Never forget, Potapov is a former CIA propagandist (Radio Liberty is a well-known Langley front) and has links to questionable “conservative” groups such as the Moonies (who publish the Far Right Washington Times) and the American Enterprise Institute (which supports the American putsch in the Ukraine, the American occupation of Kosovo, and the American support of Islamist terrorists in Syria). Besides that, Potapov comes out of the pro-Nazi KONR milieu… his family and their associates supported the Nazis, as Potapov shows through lionising of the collaborationist pig Krasnov (who willingly served in the SS). In short, he opposes the Orthosphere and supports its Western crapitalist persecutors. None dare call it evil…

If there were justice in this world, Metropolitan Ilarion Kapral would eject Potapov from his rectorship of the DC parish and send Paffhausen, Soraich, and Kapner off to the Mountain with one-way tickets. Don’t hold your breath…



24 December 2015. This Is Why I’ve Come to HATE the “Pro-Life” Movement and ALL That It Stands For

00 Andy Marlette. Pro-Life. 2015


Read this.

This is sickening and disgusting. This is what the “Evangelical” atheists and their Amen Corner in the Republican Party want throughout the USA. Would Our Lord Christ have reacted as the “Evangelicals” and Republicans do? I think not.


I thought the Republicans and “Evangelicals” misguided and loony… I was wrong. They’re EVIL. Draw your own conclusions…


24 December 2015. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… To the Nativity of Christ!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. To the Nativity of Christ! 2015

To the Nativity of Christ!

Vitaly Podvitsky



Christmas! The day marking the birth of Jesus Christ is one of the main Christian holidays. Today, 25 December, is the Western celebration of Christmas. Today, millions of Christians around the world celebrate this holiday, but most Orthodox Churches (including the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias) celebrate Christmas thirteen days later (7 January), as they use the Julian Calendar to calculate fixed feasts. This difference in dates doesn’t change anything essential in the meaning of Christmas, as we don’t know the exact date of the mystery of the birth of Christ. The tradition to celebrate Christmas on 7 January (Julian calendar) or 25 December (Gregorian) goes back to the holiday in honour of the pagan god Saturn, held in late December in the Roman Empire. Saturnalia was a precursor of modern Christmas and New Year, rolled up in one. With time, paganism died out, so, the Church decided to “baptise” Saturnalia, by replacing it with a feast marking the birth of Jesus Christ.  These days, Christmas is a joyous holiday… one of the most beautiful Christian feasts. Over the centuries, many traditions grew up around this celebration… the traditional holiday tree, the “cave” (Nativity scene), worship, and special foods. Every country added its own local usages to the generally accepted forms, making it a kaleidoscopic celebration of national folkways and identity.

Let the newborn baby Christ bring us all peace, joy, and love!

24 December 2015

Masterskaya Karikatura



All Christians celebrate the Nativity on 25 December, but the Julian Calendar used by most Orthodox is 13 days behind the Gregorian (in the 20th/21st centuries). In the 22nd century, the difference will lengthen to 14 days.


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