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Thursday, 24 December 2015

24 December 2015. Potapov Supports Anti-Holy Rus Polemic Posted on “Economist”… Posted It on FB With His Blessings

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Russophobia. 2015


Read this.

Victor Potapov publicly supported this lying and nonsensical bullshit by posting the link on FB and promoting it. Never forget, Potapov is a former CIA propagandist (Radio Liberty is a well-known Langley front) and has links to questionable “conservative” groups such as the Moonies (who publish the Far Right Washington Times) and the American Enterprise Institute (which supports the American putsch in the Ukraine, the American occupation of Kosovo, and the American support of Islamist terrorists in Syria). Besides that, Potapov comes out of the pro-Nazi KONR milieu… his family and their associates supported the Nazis, as Potapov shows through lionising of the collaborationist pig Krasnov (who willingly served in the SS). In short, he opposes the Orthosphere and supports its Western crapitalist persecutors. None dare call it evil…

If there were justice in this world, Metropolitan Ilarion Kapral would eject Potapov from his rectorship of the DC parish and send Paffhausen, Soraich, and Kapner off to the Mountain with one-way tickets. Don’t hold your breath…



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