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Saturday, 26 December 2015

26 December 2015. Give Our Kids Some Gifts (and Hope) This Orthodox Christmas!

00 help the kids of the donbass new year 261215


None of our domestic Orthodox bodies are helping our in-need compatriots in the Peoples Republics and in the Russian Federation refugee centres. Instead, they’re sending aid to Banderstan, where Uniates and schismos steal much of it. Make sure that your aid goes to help OUR people (not those terrorising them). The above group is on the up n’ square; they’re not asking for money, they’re asking for in-kind aid. They’re helping 300 refugee kids in Volokolamsk, amongst others.

Give our kids a holiday… it’s the least that we can do. It’s 12 days to Orthodox Christmas… there’s time to get stuff out. Even if it’s late, it’ll find a home… and sincere gratitude. We have to aid our own first. That’s what the Bible teaches. These people aren’t only our co-religionists (mostly) and our compatriots, some are even blood-kin. We’re obliged to help in whatever way we can.

Shall you offer a kopeck’s worth? Multiply that a thousand times, and it’s really something.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver… we’re Christians, that’s what we do!



26 December 2015. Don’t Support the Enemies of Christian Syria! NEVER Vote for Republicans or Neocon Dems

00 christmas in syria 261215


All the Repugs support Islamist terrorism and use it as a cudgel in foreign parts. The same is true of neocon Dems such as Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden. Their “opposition” to terrorism is only a ruse… only the gullible take it at face value. They flog terrorism to take away our rights… look at the TSA Gestapo, need I add anything else? I remember flying during the Cold War… we weren’t searched and planes flew on, without incident. Terrorism is a gigantic lie used to justify government’s encroachment on our liberties. Do reflect on the fact that the US Republican Party is in the lead of such efforts. They’re irredeemably evil and no decent person can have anything to do with them.


26 December 2015. It was a Cold Winter Day in Russia…

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00 russian cat 261215


Two days ago, when my son returned home from work, he brought in a small furry creature, frozen and hungry. We fed, warmed, and washed him, even though we already had two cats. He found a home where he’ll have love.

25 December 2015

Svetlana Sivak

В мире животных (In the Animal World)


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