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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Great White North Follies… Coon Snatches Donut in Coffee Shop… Where Were the Cops?

00 canada donut stealing raccoon 301215



A raccoon put his ninja skills to use in a stealthy doughnut-stealing mission at a Canadian café. One of the customers caught the furry masked thief in the act and posted his escapade on YouTube. The raccoon descended from the coffee-shop ceiling and artfully reached for a shelf full of pastries. An amused onlooker said, “If he falls out of that hole, it’s gonna hurt”, but the raccoon held his own… in seconds, he grabbed a doughnut and fled back to the shadows. A customer caught the whole caper on camera and shared it online. Peter Jensen, who recorded the video, told Buzzfeed Canada, “People outside were cheering when he finally got the doughnut”. People quickly compared the doughnut-stealing raccoon to the “pizza rat” from the New York Subway. Earlier this year, the rodent captured the world’s attention when a video caught it dragging a slice of pizza down a series of subway steps.

30 December 2015




My question is, “This was a coffee shop… where were the cops? Don’t Canadian coppers do coffee n’ doughnuts the way that American cops do?” Or, did a cop sit there and laugh his ass off at it all? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…



30 December 2015. Some of My Favourite Things… Polina Gagarina in “Battle for Sevastopol”

00 russia sevastopol will be russian 301215



All the loudmouthed righties say that women shouldn’t serve in combat. Well… the record in the VOV says otherwise. Women served at the front in many capacities… both in combat roles and in support units. They all served as well as their male colleagues did. The deadliest snipers in the RKKA were women… they were cooler in combat and kept focused better. Shall women prove their worth in battle again? They’re doing so at present… in the Peoples Republics, in the War of National Liberation against the Ukrop* fascists. Note well that the clips from the film are gritty, realistic, and not for kids. That’s what war is… it isn’t glamorous; it isn’t lighthearted and glorious… it’s nasty, brutal, obscene, gory, and horrid in the extreme. No decent person goes to war or advocates it except under the most dire circumstances. Do note well that the ruling Anglo neoliberal elements and Uniate/schismo nationalists GLORY in war and want it. Do note that the US Republican Party (and Establishment Dems such as Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden) and its “Evangelical” amen corner are cheerleaders for war in foreign parts. The people of Novorossiya are at war because they came under attack… the Anglo Americans and Ukrop fascists are war because they instigated it and launched it. There IS a difference, and all the loud talk of “Exceptional America” and showy bandura strumming can’t hide it…

I call such posturing evil… I’m NOT alone…

  • Ukrop: Russian colloquialism for Ukrainian nationalist fanatics


30 December 2015. He’s in the Army Now!

00 cat russian army 301215


The “K” on the young man’s shoulder straps signify that he’s an officer cadet (“Kursant” in Russian)… an obvious PhotoShop, but fun nonetheless…


30 December 2015. A Thought on Our Future as “Church”…

00 baptism. Yekaterinburg. 14.05.15


What I see in the coming generation in the Church gives me hope and optimism. The rot of the Church War era doesn’t live in them; they don’t buy the BS purveyed by either extreme. We shouldn’t only guide them, but listen to them, too (I’m going to be 62 in April, so, I’m definitely in the “oldster” camp). I was at a baptism recently in PA… what I saw there gladdened my heart. Not only do we elders have wisdom to pass down, our young confrères have hope and vision to pass “up” to us. Do think on that…

Oh, one last thing… the child cried loudly and lustfully whilst being baptised. Per Russian folk belief, that means that they’ll have good luck in their life!


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