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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

30 December 2015. A Thought on Our Future as “Church”…

00 baptism. Yekaterinburg. 14.05.15


What I see in the coming generation in the Church gives me hope and optimism. The rot of the Church War era doesn’t live in them; they don’t buy the BS purveyed by either extreme. We shouldn’t only guide them, but listen to them, too (I’m going to be 62 in April, so, I’m definitely in the “oldster” camp). I was at a baptism recently in PA… what I saw there gladdened my heart. Not only do we elders have wisdom to pass down, our young confrères have hope and vision to pass “up” to us. Do think on that…

Oh, one last thing… the child cried loudly and lustfully whilst being baptised. Per Russian folk belief, that means that they’ll have good luck in their life!



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