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Thursday, 31 December 2015

OFFICIAL New Year’s Address of DNR Head of State A V Zakharchenko

01zc To the New Year 2011



Dear friends!

2015 is drawing to an end. For all of us, this was a very historical and iconic year. The DNR took its first steps on the difficult path of formation and development. All of us made every effort to ensure that our Republic became a distinct, independent, and prosperous state. This transformation happened before our eyes. Over the past year, we managed to achieve great things. We took up arms to defend our right to be free. We raised our economy and industry up from the ruins of war. Our enterprises hummed again, filling up the state treasury. Today, our Republic pays all public sector wages, social welfare benefits, scholarships, and pensions. We’ve rebuilt housing destroyed in the shelling… residents are already resettled in new homes. With own hands we built a strong and free country where we do everything for the people. I confide that the New Year will bring us new victories and achievements even though we face tremendous challenges! We’ve made the first steps, but we have a long way to go on the path of recovery, on our way to development. In these days before the New Year, I wish that you’d always be a courageous, steadfast, and proud people! I hope that the flame of freedom and independence and that the spirit of the Donbass character will remain forever in your soul! I hope that the coming year will be better than the outgoing one! Let laughter sound often in your homes and let good humour reign there, let all sadness and sorrow bypass you and your family and loved ones! Peace to you; I wish you all health and every earthly happiness!

To the New Year 2016 and to the Nativity of Christ!

00 a v zakharchenko. 02. 11.05.15A V Zakharchenko

DNR Head of State

30 December 2015

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