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Saturday, 2 January 2016

2 January 2016. Why is Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral Coddling Nathanael Kapner?

00 Brother Nathanael 01. 09.06.14

THIS is the sort of person that Metropolitan Hilarion is defending? WHY? The guy’s an obvious nutter and inhabitant of the loony fringe…


Look at this.

Why is Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral doing this? Sorry to say, but the enemies of the Church are using this to imply that the ROCOR agrees with Kapner’s often-bizarre internet postings. This missive implies that Kapner’s ludicrous postings are in sync with the Church. WHY? I do know that Kapner and Paffhausen are close… I saw them in animated conversation at J’ville at Pentecost a couple of years back (when Paffso was still in limbo). This makes no sense and links the Church with outré elements. Why, Vladyki Hilarion, why?

We’ll pay dearly if we continue to coddle such oddbod konvertsy elements. That’s a prophecy…



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