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Sunday, 3 January 2016

3 January 2016. Cabinet Vox Pop on “Brother Nathanael”

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I got this from a well-regarded senior lay source:

Regarding your post on “Brother Nathanael”, I’m astounded to read that he has any connection with any canonical Orthodox diocese. By accident, I came across several of his YouTube rants and always assumed that he was a total impostor pretending to be an Orthodox monk, and could just as easily have claimed to be the Pope of Rome. He comes across as having an obsession with the Jews, and various Middle Eastern sources, possibly even Islamic, quoted him favourably as sharing their disdain for Jewish people. This is bad for the Orthodox Church if a bishop officially recognises him as authentically Orthodox. Not to my knowledge has he mentioned what monastery he actually abides in, and how is he not under ecclesiastical supervision regarding self-glorification by promoting himself in mass media?

I need add nothing. Vladyki Hilarion brought disgrace upon the Church by his (albeit vague and tepid) approval of this jabronie. I’ll speak the truth to power, if necessary… Vladyki Hilarion, be clearer… CONDEMN Nathanael’s rants or people will think that you approve of them…



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