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Sunday, 3 January 2016

3 January 2016. Who’s “the Government?” Why, “It’s Just Us, Organised!”

01.00e Labour Day


A FB Friend gave this zinger to the anti-vaxxer nutters:

“Government” as a category is nonsense. It’s just us, organised. So, if you exclude “government”, you screw your epistemology from the start; then, if you take a stand that anyone who profits is lying, in a system geared for profits, your epistemology takes another hit. Yes, they exaggerate; yes, they are not little angels… but they lie within a range, and just taking a 180 from them is idiocy.

What does this tell us about neoliberal “conservatives?” It’s clear that their model of government is a distorted and nastier version of Don Corleone’s Mafia Family… even Don Vito had more compassion, empathy, and charity. REAL Government is necessary; the Church teaches that it’s GOOD… the Church CONDEMNS the nihilistic anarchy embodied by Cliven Bundy, Chilly Hilly, Ted Cruz, and the Koch Brothers. No… government ain’t perfect, but as Hobbes pointed up, the alternative to it is FAR worse. By the way… people of the REAL Left and REAL Conservatives (we have none of the latter in the USA, sadly enough) have MUCH in common. Remember… Prince Bismarck introduced single-payer healthcare and Comrade Zyuganov is for law n’ order… neither one would be comfortable with neoliberal nihilism (as embodied by the likes of the late William F Buckley, Rod Dreher, and Pat Buchanan). Liberalism is a rotting pustule and a devouring cancer… all decent people, both Leftists and Conservatives, should unite to slay it. Ponder this… the most perfect exemplars of Liberalism are Anglosphere “conservatives”… not self-identified “liberals”… fancy that…



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