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Monday, 4 January 2016

4 January 2016. What IS Our First Social Duty as Christians?

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Not only is social isolation corrosive… we’re all part of the Body of Christ… when one part suffers, all should rush to its aid. That takes precedence over all else. Today, our Orthodox compatriots in Syria and Novorossiya suffer… shall you aid and help them? Or shall you aid their tormentors? Do ponder that…

This is a full-blown moral dilemma… you see, the politicians in the USA and Canada who call themselves “Pro-Life” are not only ravening foes of the peoples of the Orthosphere (and thus, of the Holy Church), they also have a grasping nihilistic social agenda at odds with that of the Church. On the other hand, those who have a social agenda in sync with the Church and who don’t favour incessant war in foreign parts tend to be “Pro-Choice”. Here be the choice on offer… you can vote “Pro-Life”, and vote against the Orthosphere and the social teaching of the Church, or, you can vote for the Church’s social agenda and for peace, but realise that it comes at the price of “Pro-Choice”. I’ve chosen… I’ve rejected the lies of the Pro-Life crowd… the bad factors far outweigh the good ones in that crowd. Yes, there are bad aspects of my choice… but no earthly choice is ever 100 percent perfect. If you think that such is possible… you delude yourself.

The only possible choices this side of the veil are “least bad” and “does the most good”… there are no intrinsically and totally “good” options… no, not one. Think on that…



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