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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

LNR Ministry of Communications Reported Saboteurs in Rovenki Actually Helped to Implement a Fivefold Increase in the Number of Available Channels

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LNR Minister of Communications Mikhail Surzhenko told a plenary meeting of the LNR Peoples Soviet that residents of Rovenki now can watch 25 digital channels instead of five after an explosion caused by junta terrorists at the Rovenki Radio-TV Broadcasting Centre (RTPTS):

The Ukrainian side found out that all their attempts at information warfare against the Republic had failed, so they decided to blow up the transponder in Rovenki. All that they did, however, was to ensure that we now broadcast over 25 channels instead of only five. In the end, we’re able to broadcast even more than we could before. People in Rovenki and Antratsit are now able to receive programming in digital format, as the heads of the local administrations had requested.

Earlier, the LNR MGB reported that an explosion affecting the equipment at the Rovenki RTPTS was a premeditated act of terrorism by junta forces. On 9 December, saboteurs blew up power cable towers supplying the RTPS, knocking out internet service providers and telecom operators and interrupting Lugansk24 television broadcasting and Kazache Radio (Radio Cossack) in the region of Antratsit-Rovenki-Krasny Luch. On 11 December, the LNR Ministry of Communications announced the launch of repairs to put right the consequences of the terrorist attack, promising to restore all broadcast services within 10 days. The LNR forces and the LNR MGB reported that the junta sent special subversive terrorist groups to attack vital installations in the Republic. Simultaneously, army forces strengthened defences around important sites in the Republic because of the threat of junta terrorist attacks. The appropriate LNR judicial and security authorities are holding an investigation to identify and bring to justice the perps of this terakt*.

  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”

27 December 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



5 January 2016. Don’t Mess With Baba!

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That’s what the Church needs today… babas armed with pitchforks, pruning hooks, and clubs to clean out the bespattered byre that our Church has become. They could begin with Dreher and the Monomakhos brats… as a respected monastic said rightly, “Our Church is a place of healing, not a judgement hall or a place of punishment”. It’s time to take our Church back from the mewling internet brats. Where are the babas when we need them (especially, those like the baba in the back with the club… she looks meaner n’ hell and ready to rumble)?


5 January 2016. A Little Adult Levity Before the Holiday

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The above is attributed to W C Fields… there’s argument one way and the other on it. Nevertheless… it’s true. Fish DO fuck in the water… and shit in it, too. If you needed a reason to reach for the jug…


5 January 2016. I Stand for Assad

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