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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

6 January 2015. THIS is What Happens When You Support American “Pro-Life” Politicians

00 syrian girl 060116


There are loud elements in our country that call themselves the “Pro-Life Movement”. Nothing could be further from the truth… they certainly are anti-abortion, but they’re also pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-oligarch, anti-worker, anti-government, and they wrap themselves up in the red, white, n’ blue… they imply that all of us who don’t share their crackbrained rightwing fancies are bad Christians and on the hellbound train.

I’d say not… look at the above image. This Syrian girl was in hospital as a direct result of American-financed terrorism in her country… terrorism SUPPORTED by US “Pro-Life” politicians. If you vote for “Pro-Lifers”… THIS is what you vote for. Not very “Pro-Life”, is it? It’s rather nasty and brutal, isn’t it? The righties accuse me of being “full of vitriol” and “an ugly troll”… well, THIS is what all their “Pro-Life” caterwauling leads to. If I rile up such sorts, so be it. I’ll speak the truth… I’ll continue to expose the horrid truth about the Pro-Life Movement. They don’t scruple at lying or at violence, but that’s OK for the konvertsy righties! It’s in a noble cause!

This is a meaty reflection on this Orthodox Christmas… do you want to serve Christ or do you want to serve the US Republican Party and its nihilistic grasping Anti-Life ideology? I’ve chosen… what about you?



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