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Friday, 8 January 2016

8 January 2016. Translated Russian Demot… I Just Laid Down and Got Comfy!

00 cat and baby 080116


I wrote this to young friends of mine:

Keep the jug at hand. You’ll never know such joy… you’ll never know such frustration. That’s parenthood. They WILL carry on after us, and it’s amazing how much we turn out like our folks (including looking just like them!).

Get it together… even when it seems that the shit has hit the fan in all possible directions. We survived it all… so shall you. Remember… the most important thing is to give your kids “good memories”… that’s the most pressing thing on your agenda. Expose them to all sorts of things… they won’t end by loving the same things that we do… but do your best to make them “lovers” and expectant of the wonder in God’s Good World. You’ll not regret it…



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