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Saturday, 9 January 2016

9 January 2016. Little Syrian Girl Sings for Peace


Peace and Happiness for ALL the Earth’s Children… AMEN… this old Sov-era agitprop poster nailed it right!


Syrian girl Ghina Bouhamdan sang for for peace and brotherhood, in a performance attended by Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad


If “Blessed are the Peacemakers”, then, obviously, “Cursed are the Warmongers”. If you listen to “conservative” lies, you attack innocent children like this. I shan’t prettify it or use euphemisms. The American “conservative” movement is the enemy of all that’s good, proper, and just. It’s our Christian duty and obligation as decent people to oppose it wherever it surfaces and wherever it tries to insert its insidious lies. I’m handing out the AKs, RPGs, axe-handles, and coshes out back… God LOVES happy warriors…



9 January 2016. Cabinet Vox Pop on Plotnitsky’s Release of POWs for Orthodox Christmas

00 igor plotnitsky 060116


A friend wrote me:

[Releasing the POWs] was a magnanimous gesture on the part of Plotnitsky. God willing, the Galician goons will see that their brothers dealt so lovingly with them on Christmas and will think twice before trying to kill their brothers again.

Here’s the deal… the Orthodox Socialist LNR released POWs for Christmas… the Uniate Crapitalist junta released no POWs for Christmas. You must support one or the other… you can’t support both at the same time. I’ve chosen… let the ACTIONS of Chairman Plotnitsky and of the Uniate junta inform your choice…


9 January 2016. This is What I Believe…

00.01h Labor Day. Christ.


I’m not a theologian nor do I speak for the Church. This is my opinion, full stop. You can agree or not, as you will. I refuse to take the tone of all-too-many ignorant semi-Prod konvertsy blowhards on the Net.

If you were to ask me the central fact of our Faith, I’d vote for the Incarnation. Without the Incarnation, there’s no Resurrection… without the Resurrection, there’s no Redemption. If the Apostle told us, “If Christ be not risen from the dead, your faith is in vain”, never forget that without the Incarnation, there’d be no Resurrection. These truths trump EVERYTHING else… that’s why we must care for the Incarnation of Christ on Earth, the Church… the defence of the Orthosphere, the Holy Church, and Christians trumps everything else. Do think on that. The Nativity is, pre-eminently, a feast of the Resurrection… without it, we’d have NO salvation. Christ IS born!


9 January 2016. Syria’s Christian Heroes

00 syrian christian soldier 090116


There’s NO “moderate opposition”… that’s a baldfaced Langley/Foggy Bottom/Capitol Hill/Mainstream Media lie. They’re Islamist terrorists who murder Christians.

Support President Assad. He’s the best thing on offer. There ain’t nothing else…


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