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Saturday, 9 January 2016

9 January 2016. A Good Point on the Republican Jingo Cowards

00 republican debates 090116


Republican “conservative” neoliberal swine are mainly cowards who refused to serve… yet want to spill the blood of poor people’s kids. After all, “We have to decrease the surplus population”… besides, the country-club set is privileged, dontcha know. They can put the screws to others and bear NO sacrifices themselves. That’s what ALL American “conservatives” believe in, once you strip away all the froufrou. Remember… if they call themselves “conservative”, they’ve sold out to utter evil. Full stop. Bear that in mind as you read First Things and listen to Rod Dreher’s rants.

Vote for Bernie… he’s the only non-Affluent Effluent candidate. ALL of the others want to fuck working people for the benefit of the rich. ALL OF THEM… ESPECIALLY Chilly Hilly.



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