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Sunday, 10 January 2016

10 January 2016. Viral Image from the Russian Web…

00 mother russia vs the ravening jackal 100116


Although the original isn’t of Russian provenance, the RuNet has embraced this image. The chowderhead Anglos simply don’t understand that the so-called “Ukraine” is really part of Holy Rus… it always has been, it always will be. That is, the Anglos threaten an integral part of our Motherland. They use local stooges… rebellious schismatics and semi-Polish Uniates… but the result is clear. The Anglos want to steal Russian resources to enrich the American Affluent Effluent. That is what Anglo “conservatism” is all about. It’s about thievery and chicanery on a worldwide scale. No wonder that most of the world rejects American non-culture. Remember, if any movement or pundit calls themselves “conservative”, they’re nihilist godless apologists for capital’s theft and for its incessant warmongering throughout the world. The worst are those who call themselves “Christians”… I think that it’s time for HH to bless Orthodox Russian warriors as Patriarch Sergei did in the VOV. There’s NO difference between the New World Order of the Nazis and the New World Order of the Republican “conservatives”.

If you’re an Orthodox Christian, you’re of Holy Rus, for Holy Rus defends our Holy Faith. If you support the American Establishment or “conservatism” in any way, you spit on the Lord Christ. Full stop. That’s why you can’t listen to or support Dreher, Paffhausen, Freddie M-G, Mattingly, and all the loudmouthed “conservatives” who’re amongst us at present (no one who argues for “conservatism” can be a real grounded Orthodox Christian, that’s clear). They want to support and profit from Mammon and “worship” Christ at the same time. That’s impossible… Our Lord said so… do reflect on that…



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