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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

12 January 2016. Don’t Forget the Victims of Fascism in the Ukraine… Don’t Forget the American Politicians and Churchmen Who Support the Murderers

00 victims of fascism in the ukraine 120116


Don’t forget the victims of the American-sponsored and -financed Fascist aggressors in the War of National Liberation in the Ukraine. Don’t forget the Anglo politicians who support the Uniate/schismo nationalist murderers… Chilly Hilly, Ted Cruz, Butcher Biden, Marco Rubio, Vickie Nuland, John McCain… to name but a few. If you support them or listen to Talk Radio or attend to Fox News or CNN, you help attack the brave people standing up to the Anglos and their fascist stooges.

Orthodox people! Don’t forget the traitors in our ranks who support the junta through their support of the US Republican Party… Paffhausen, Potapov, Trenham, Dreher, and Reardon… not to mention those who support the junta through their dalliance with Uniates… Jillions, Vassa Larina, Lyonyo, Dahulich… to name only a few. If you support any of the named people IN ANY WAY, you ram a bayonet into the throats of our compatriots and coreligionists. You also spit on Holy Rus and show support for the Unia over Christ’s Church. DO ponder that…

Too much blood has flowed in the Ukraine. All parties suffer due to Anglo greed and Uniate ambition. Sadly, the victims include ordinary Uniate people from Galicia (who now have the highest draft evasion rate in the notional “Ukraine”)… their suffering is as palpable as those of the people in Novorossiya. Note well that the Anglos and their stooges remain unmoved by that. I call it evil… I’m not alone…

May the so-called “Ukraine” collapse… and soon… to spare the ordinary folks (the Anglo carpetbaggers and their local running dogs will decamp to Chicago and Toronto… they won’t suffer in the least). Keep them in mind… for Langley and Foggy Bottom don’t. There are too many tears on all sides…



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