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Saturday, 23 January 2016

23 January 2016. Syrian Christians Won’t Flee Syria!

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The greatest opponents of Syrian Christians are Western neoliberals (“conservatives”). That is, Chilly Hilly, Butcher Biden, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump are their greatest enemies. The only American candidate to not favour support of the Islamist terrorists (“moderate opposition” in Beltway Speech) is Bernie Sanders. Ergo… Orthodox people! Disregard lying dogs such as Rod Dreher, Jonas Paffhausen, Serge Schmemann, Sofia Kishkovsky, or Josiah Trenham. They want you to support the avowed foes of the Orthosphere… enemies of our Faith, Peoples, and Civilisational Bloc. They want to suck out real substance from Orthodox Culture and replace it with Western goo (either Papist or Evangelical… it’s equally noisome and false). Anyone who calls themselves “Orthodox”, but who commends either “conservatism” or the Republican Party spits on Christ and spits on our brave coreligionists in Syria (and other places, too). Reject them and reject their phony ideology, too.

Protect our brethren. That’s JOB ONE…



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