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Saturday, 23 January 2016

23 January 2016. Two “Star Wars” Endings Embody the Difference Between Bernie and Chilly Hilly

00 ewok yub nub 230116


Here’s the sanitised and crapola ending to Return of the Jedi from 1997


Here’s the real deal ending to Return of the Jedi from 1983


Even a child can tell the difference between the two. The first is sanitised, phony (it’s all computer animation), Oprahesque, and Deepak Chopra “positive”. The second is gritty, “party”, and LIVE. Chilly Hilly is phony and without reality… a computer animatron if there ever was one. Bernie’s a real guy who flies coach and doesn’t have a deep portfolio (sure, he’s not starvin’… but he sure ain’t as flush with boodle as Chilly Hilly or Butcher Biden are). Hey, Bernie… run the Yub Nub clip after you win in Iowa and New Hampshire… and pass the jug in public… now, that’ll rile up the terminally nice and politically-correct! It’d put a LOT of normal people on the Bernie Special.




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