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Sunday, 24 January 2016

24 January 2016. Winter Wonderland in Moscow

00 st basil cathedral red square moscow russia. 230116


It’s January in Moscow… it’s winter, and shall be until April. Keep your boots, ushanka, scarf, mittens, and overcoat at hand…



24 January 2016. “Pro-Life” Nutters Spit on Valid Emergency Declaration to Make Tawdry Political Point

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Well before the actual storm, the DC government issued a special order declaring a “weather emergency” as of 09.30 Friday 21 January 2016. They didn’t do this for fun n’ games… travel conditions were going to be hazardous… it did prove to be so. The so-called “March for Life” (actually, a tawdry rightwing political rally) started before the snowfall started, but it came soon after this political carnival began. These people spat on a valid emergency order issued for their own protection and safety. Their political point was more important than their safety and health… it showed their arrogant disregard for valid authority and proper order. To be blunt, the organisers of the “March for Life” showed their callousness and disregard by disobeying the DC weather emergency. They showed themselves to be narcissistic poseurs. They should’ve stayed home. Most of the DC people were home from work, as travel conditions were (and remain) treacherous. Note well that these sorts think themselves “martyrs”… I’d point up that the Church doesn’t honour “voluntary martyrdom”, it only honours those who accept it, not those who seek it.

This was a despicable performance all the way ’round. God have mercy on these people… most were dupes… the organisers sinned mightily, though. Do ponder that…



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