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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

26 January 2015. Christian Syria… Standing Tall Against American Terrorism in the Middle East

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Metropolitan Joseph should shut up the loud pro-Republican konvertsy in his ranks for their support of the rabid Republican haters of Middle Eastern Christians… look at how Ted Cruz spat on and humiliated Arab Christian leaders! They all support the CIA-led and -financed “moderate opposition” terrorists who’ve murdered hundreds of Christians. Metropolitan Joseph should make Justin Amash and Darrell Issa perform public penance for their participation in the objectively evil Republican Party apparat, for that gives passive support (even though they keep their silence) of aggression in the Middle East and their support of the Anti-Life Antichristian agenda of the GOP. He should force them to make 100 pokloni in front of those victimised by American aggression in full public view. Will this happen? I doubt it. Money trumps justice, all too often. However, it’s how an Orthodox bishop would bring miscreant and unrepentant Orthodox political figures to heel for their grotesque and bestial actions.

Christian Syria… if you want it to continue, support Bashar al-Assad, support Iran, support Hizbullah, and support Russia. If you want to destroy it, support the US Republican Party and Dems like Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden. Let God see and judge such evil!



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