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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

27 January 2016. Some of My Favourite Things… Dmitri Khovorostovsky… One of the Sexiest Men Alive

dmitri khvorostovsky



D A Khvorostovsky has to be one of the sexiest men alive today. Here, he sings one of the old standards (with English subs) with A Yu Netrebko at an outdoor concert in the Kremlin.



27 January 2016. A Blast from the Past… Maya Kristalinskaya Sings “Я тебя подожду” (I’ll Wait for You)

00.01d Maya Kristalinskaya




I’ll wait for you; outside the window, in rain and in snow.

You looked at me

You searched for me everywhere.

I used to run, keeping you always in view.

Now, you’re not there.

For some reason, you’re not there.

I just want you to gaze at me.


Outside the window, in rain and in snow,

it was time to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep.

Always the same yard, always the same laugh,

and I miss you a little bit.

I’m going out,

beyond my familiar haunts.

With Natasha at the cinema, I don’t hurry; I’m not with you.

But the windows of your quiet home

send your greetings

like the old guys still clicking their dominoes.


I go over and over

in the darkened courtyard.

You said you’d come, even though it’s night.

This evening to me

Is nothing but a grain of sand.

I’ll wait for you, only you, even if it’s forever.


27 January 2016. This is What REAL Bishops Do… Unlike Bone-Idle Slugs Like Alfeyev and Fathausen

00 metropolitan mark golovkov of ryazan 270116


This is Metropolitan Mark Golovkov of Ryazan, the head of one of the Metropolitan Districts of the MP. Note well that he doesn’t consider scrubbing hospital floors beneath him! Quite unlike lazy slugs like Alfeyev and Fathausen, isn’t it? Don’t forget, Fathausen also believed in the heretical Brum Doctrine, which holds that the Metropolitan is a tinpot dictator who can run roughshod over all other bishops and act as an absolute monarch of the Church. Trust me… senior archpriests have told me that this was the main reason that Fatso got the boot… Fatso wanted to rule the Church like a little Hitler, favouring his konvertsy pals and shitting on all others. His “apology” at Mayfield had NOTHING to do with it. Fatso refused to follow Orthodox custom and tradition, he misused Church funds (some sources actually used the word “stole”, but I find that word unwise to use), he named unsuitable candidates to the episcopate, and allowed a suspended priest to sue a priest in good standing. Mayfield, I reiterate, had NOTHING to do with it.

On the other hand, Patriarch Kirill sets good example… he always visits the poor and the sick… he shows open charity… he urges his bishops to do likewise (not orders them, do note). His bishops take the hint, as Metropolitan Mark shows abundantly. Look at the good trees; look at the bad trees. One can see where the good fruit is and where the rotten fruit is. Shitbirds of a feather do flock together… Fatso likes the nutter Kapner. Get your minds right, people. Follow the “wheat” like Patriarch Kirill, not the “chaff” like Fatso and Alfeyev. By the way, there’s no mention on patriarchia.ru of any captiulation to the EP on the Catholic calendar (there was a post on a ROCOR/MP Dixie Fry at the ROCOR cathedral, though). Irresponsible rightwing religious hobbyists are posting shit on the web, yet again. Be careful, the times be evil…


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