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Monday, 1 February 2016

EP Apologised to the UPTs/MP for the Unauthorised Interference of its Bishops in the Ukraine

00 metr onufry. 11.05.15


On 29 January, Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev and all the Ukraine said in a speech at a local Archpastoral Sobor that the EP promised not to send any emissaries to the Ukraine without consent from the UPTs/MP Holy Synod. He noted that the MP delegation raised the issue of unauthorised visits by EP elements raised during the Synaxis of First Hierarchs of the Local Churches at Chambésy. EP representatives promised that there’d be no more unauthorised visits to the Ukraine by their clergy and that there’d be no further concelebration with schismatics.

31 January 2016

SPZh Union of Orthodox Journalists



Interesting, this… a victory for the MP. Indeed, the EP had to retreat on all fronts to get its notional “Sobor”. The meeting will be in Crete, NOT Istanbul. My sources told me that the MP didn’t want a meeting in a venue bugged by Langley (“Bart kisses Biden’s ass”, as one source at the Centre told me). No doubt, the pro-Russian Greek government will vet the venue, which means that the SVR, NOT THE CIA, will bug the premises. The calendar is OFF the agenda. The date of Easter is OFF the agenda. Sources tell me that autocephaly and autonomy are also effectively off the agenda. Now, the real rumpus will start… the MP will demand the seating of the OCA. Is it a bargaining chip or is it a dealbreaker? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

As for me, I believe that a bootless meeting will take place… empty platitudes and windy bullshit. HO-HUM…



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