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Saturday, 13 February 2016

13 February 2016. A Word or Two on the Brouhaha Surrounding the “Catholic Church of the East”

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Firstly, there’s no official “word” out on this yet. NONE. Ergo, none of the internet Sturm und Drang has any actual backing in the real world. That goes for that Uniate poseur “Josephus Flavius”, too (there’s no “Eastern Church”… that’s a damnable heresy)… he has no real information. He has no more than I do… that is, word from OCA and ROCOR clergy on unpublicised chancery doings. The word “out there” is that the ROCOR suspended the so-called “Archbishop” Ramzi, who became the canonically ordained Hieromonk Elias, as for unknown reasons he still referred to himself as a bishop. I think it was a nice idea to want to bring in 60 parishes, but I don’t think it’s clear that they had intent to be Orthodox. Why do we keep accepting groups that insist on doing their own thing? It seems that Hilarion Kapral is too nice and accepting of people; he needs to learn to say “no” sometimes. It seems that we didn’t learn from the Blanco TX (Christ of the Hills Monastery) and other Western Rite fiascos, nor from those crazy nuns in DC.

One of my sources sent me this (from the ROCOR Western Rite FB Page):

These communities are under the oversight of Metropolitan Hilarion and Metropolitan Jonah as they make their conversion and transition to Holy Orthodoxy.

So, Paffso rides again… but I reiterate… there’s no OFFICIAL word yet. NONE. NONE WHATSOEVER. There’s NOTHING out of the ROCOR Holy Synod nor from any other official source. Just because a Uniate blogger is out there shouting away doesn’t bind the ROCOR Holy Synod. Let’s wait for the official word from the Church. So far, there’s none… be patient… don’t let loudmouth Uniates colour your opinion (what I do know from clergy sources is that there’s no final word on the situation as of now). There WILL be a definite dénouement for this…

13 February 2016. My Reply to a Clueless Young ‘Un Who Professes to Hate “Socialism”

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Recently, a young (and clueless) poster attacked my praise of socialism. I’d say, look at who preaches hatred of socialism… Donald Trump, a coward who refused to serve, who dumps wives left n’ right… Ted Cruz, another coward who refused to serve, who spat on Arab Orthodox bishops, who preaches war in the Middle East and against Russia… Sarah Palin, who abruptly quit her job as Governor of the State of Alaska to become an overpaid rightwing pundit (thereby, showing the world her selfishness, lack of a sense of duty, and moral vacuity). There’s also Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden… both of whom defend Wall Street deregulation (that is, legalising previously properly criminal actions) and both of whom hate the Orthosphere and wish to wage war against it.

If you defend the attackers of socialism, you defend those who wish to strip away ordinary people’s rights and you defend those who wish to wage war on the Orthosphere to extend their greedy and theomachistic worldview. In short, you spit on Christ and His Holy Church. Patriarch Kirill defends socialism… so should we. Do you wish to stand with real Orthodox or with Antichristian heretics (that is, not only against Christianity, but the purveyors of the agenda of the Antichrist)?

The choice is yours…


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