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Sunday, 14 February 2016

14 February 2016. The Mountain Laboured Forth and Gave Birth to… a Mouse

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My comment on FB on the late meeting of Kirill and Francisco:

In any case, nothing of substance occurred. Kirill didn’t even let Francisco join him for any public events in Havana. In short, GIGO on a massive scale. Note well that the CHOSEN venue was well away from any American interference or monitoring. What did they say in pectore?… perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Both Francisco and Kirill wanted to make a point to the EU and the USA… both by their declaration and by their choice of venue. Otherwise, it wasn’t anything to comment upon, as nothing beyond a PR stunt occurred. However, the wording is more “Russian” than “curial”… something to think upon…

Note this well… there was no meeting of the two men before the public, even though Cuba’s a Catholic country. Now, that’s unusual… but no one seemed to comment on it. They didn’t even “break bread” together. Things DO get “curiouser and curiouser”, don’t they? HH is still in Cuba… he’s going the rounds. Again, note well that he didn’t allow Francisco to share in ANY of it. It does give one the clear impression who was the “top dog” in this, doesn’t it?



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