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Monday, 15 February 2016

15 February 2016. In Praise of FRIED BOLOGNA… Don’t Knock It Until You’ve Tried It with Decent Human Beings!

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Here are some Cabinet ruminations on this pearl of American Working Class Epicuria:

We had fried bologna with an egg. With toast and jam… the best breakfast ever. Easier than bacon.

No, but Dad liked Spam. Mom sniffed at it. I still like it!

Fried Bologna! Does that bring back MEMORIES? My mom used dill pickles, Velveeta, and raw onion… those WERE the days…

Luckily, I never grew up with Velveeta, but I did grow up with fried bologna.

Oh yes! Love that! We used sweet onion.

Yes… good stuff… if you didn’t have it, well, you missed out! Are you ashamed to like Velveeta, fried bologna, or a bag of potato chips with a cold beer? Well… you have some “issues” to attend to! As for me, I like what I like, and if someone sniffs at it and thinks it “low”, they can go and post their images of their precious little yuppie lunches on their blogs all that they want. I’ll stick with the real world and what I truly like. Ponder that…



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