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Monday, 15 February 2016

15 February 2016. Life is Too Short to Turn it Into “Make Believe”… Don’t be Afraid to be YOU

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00 Happy Beer Drinkers. 15.10.12


Humility isn’t pouring buckets of shit over yourself and calling yourself the “Least of All Sinners!” It’s accepting what is for what it is. My 62 years tell me that you can NOT run from yourself. I tried. It doesn’t work. I’m at peace because I’m in the Last Homely Home, which I’m only at because I accepted myself for what I truly am… as I hope you have, too. It was a long road… but everyone travels it. You find out that the demon you were running from was… yourself. Pogo nailed it… all those of a “certain age” will know what I mean. Keep two things in mind. “You gotta wanna”… “You gotta give a shit”… that’s the Law n’ the Prophets in a nutshell.



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