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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

17 February 2016. Saor Patrol… Are They for Real? Or, Are They Just a Wee Bit Off? Only a Celt Would Know…

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Wallace Bled… clips from Braveheart


Scottish Soldier


Here’s a more conventional rendering of The Scottish Soldier, from the famous late great Andy Stewart


One can’t have a Scots presentation without The Battle’s O’er… also by Andy Stewart


Only a real Celt would know… I have several amongst my Cabinet. As for me… I’m not qualified to speak…



A Celtic Cabineteer told me:

Those look very “ren fest” to me. The kilt only came into being in the 1600’s very late 1500’s at the earliest.

There it is… but they loved the links. The garb is bit outré, but the music is spot-on!



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